Understanding Internal Health

We must learn to live without the reactive mind

Understanding Internal Health


Hello, my name is Steve Lashley and I have been studying and practicing various types of alternative and complementary health styles, techniques and approaches for over 18 years now. As a result of this I created Internal Health with the intention of helping others to understand and discover the skills that I apply with my patients. We all know that there are various alternative approaches to natural health and I have found in my years of experience that fundamentally the western world focus on; physical, muscular, skeletal and neurological. However we also have an energy system that has its own intelligence and hierarchy of working; albeit less mainstream. This is what I Study. All various forms of alternative health interact and work via this energy system and its hierarchy, the results are evident.

Understanding the Energy Body

In simple terms this energy system is an inteligence on its own like the nervious sytem but more complicated and is deep rooted to every part of the human body seen and unseen. The body cannot exist without it. The energy system is who we truley are. it cannot be hidden. This also stems deeper than the phsyical body and connects to our surrounding and evironment including the universe. Working with this energy system is the only true way to access the complete spectrum of our energy system and all our conscious states of mind that makes up our identity.

Day to Day

All of the above sounds rather complicated and difficult to implement to retain health. However you are accessing and influencing your bodies energy system every second, be it things your doing/thinking or external influences (environment, drink, food, drugs, lifestyle, people you hang around/work with). This leads people to changing their day to day lifestyle as the long term effects from the above suppress the bodies energy system and counteracts our natural way of functioning. Learning to listen to your body and its needs will lead you taking the correct action. Learning to implement Nei Gong (Internal Work) in your day to day life will start to affect the body and help it to remember the way it should access itself naturally. Lead by example and the bodies energy system will follow. breath relaxed, wake up relaxed, eat relaxed, work relaxed, exercise relaxed etc.

Alternative Health approaches

There are many forms of alternative health aproaches some more know than other such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Healing, Reiki, Acupuncture, Herbs, Meditation etc. The fact of the matter is there is, not one is better than the other. All of these are simply methods of access. The are different approaches to accessing the energy system. Some are more effective at working on particular health conditions than others but if practiced properly then practitioner is accessing our body energy system to obtain some form of balance. Some form off accessing this eneergy system can work on multiple levels of out energy system at once not only effecting out psyical system, nurvous system, energy system, mental system and overall identity.

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