Shen Gong and Internal Health

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What is Nei Gong? Steve Lashley Internal Health

What is Shen Gong?

SShen Gong is the Alchemy of Energy that works through the Mental Intention and Fa Shen is the action utilising Shen Gong. Qigong and Nei Gong development works upon the harmonious synchronised fusion of the four separate Energy Dynamics, which exist within the physical plane, the emotional plane, the mental plane and the spiritual plane of a human being.

Shen Gong cultivates a much more direct, yet subtle, connection between the brain wave of the mind and that which is described by the ancient classics as the Universal Consciousness of the Cosmic Plane.

Shen Gong practitioners can perform distant healing without visible contact with the patient, or direct their mental intent to generate an invisible vibrational energy known as Ling Kong Jing - this is used for healing people but some masters have used it for self-defence.

What does this mean?

Learn the art correctly, learn to practice it with discipline, and you will reap overwhelming health benefits and gain a deeper understanding of yourself.